Arkhoti Valley

Immersed in the picturesque landscapes of Georgia's Khevsureti region, Arkhoti Valley represents the pinnacle of untouched natural beauty, delivering an experience unlike any other. Bordered by Russia to the north and threaded by the Arkhotitskal River, this remote valley invites intrepid explorers to venture into the heart of Georgia's stunning mountainous scenery.

The Arkhoti Valley is home to three charming, historical villages: Chimgha, Akhieli, and Amgha. Each nestled in the narrow valley and ensconced by towering peaks, these villages are distinguished by their authentic architecture, seamlessly blending with the breathtaking surrounds. Regrettably, the once-thriving village of Chimgha, located on the river Chimghistskali's left bank, now stands depopulated, yet it leaves behind a testament to the region's rich history.

The journey to Arkhoti Valley is an adventure in itself. It demands traversing high mountain passes, accessible only by off-road vehicles, on horseback, or on foot. The main route starts from the village of Roshka, leading you to a pass standing almost 3000 meters (9843 feet) high, from where one can catch a glimpse of Ingushetia. The alternative route, beginning from the village of Juti in Kazbegi municipality, ascends up to a pass reaching an impressive 3287 meters (10784 feet). This 13-kilometer (8.1-mile) section can only be tackled on foot or horseback, making it an enticing option for hiking enthusiasts.

Remnants of a bygone era can still be found within the Arkhoti Valley, with the ruins of villages like Kalotana, Ghorghu, Tskhsua, and Kviritsminda. Moreover, the region houses several historic cult buildings, including Svetiangelozisljvari, Tskalshuisjvari, Tchishvelisjvari, Arkhotisjvari, and castles like Gagat and Tetraulebi, that offer fascinating glimpses into the valley's past.

Travel within the Arkhoti Valley is an endeavor of courage and tenacity. The main road that connects with the neighboring Kist people follows the river Assa, with a distance of 18-20 kilometers (11-12.4 miles) from the remote community village to the nearest settlements of Amga-Ingushetia - Pui, locally known as Gostikakauri. This road was only completed in 2018, symbolizing the region's continuous adaptation amidst its timeless beauty.

Arkhoti Valley, with its sky-high mountains, historical villages, and remote location, truly encapsulates the unspoiled allure of Khevsureti, offering a journey into the heart of Georgia's most stunning landscapes.

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