Martkopi Monastery

Perched on the mountain slopes near the quaint village of Martkopi, an hour's drive from Tbilisi, is a serene sanctuary that whispers tales of the past. It's the Martkopi Monastery, a site steeped in fascinating narratives of strife, destruction, and remarkable rebirth, dating back to the 6th century.

It all began with a holy man named Anton who sought solitude in these verdant landscapes. His seclusion gave the monastery its name - marto mkopi, translating to "being alone" in Georgian. His humble abode would grow into a vibrant hub of Orthodox beliefs, attracting followers and disciples who erected churches and structures in honor of their faith.

As you venture through this ancient complex, you'll encounter numerous churches dotting the mountain slopes. The Church of the Savior, Mother of God, Saint George, and Father Anton all stand testament to the site's religious significance. Among these structures, a particularly poignant symbol stands tall - Father Anton's pillar. For the last fifteen years of his life, Father Anton devoted himself to prayer atop this pillar, adding a layer of mystique to the site's history.

Yet, Martkopi Monastery has seen its fair share of tribulations. From devastating invasions that left it in ruins to being repurposed into stores and warehouses by communists in 1934, the monastery has endured a tumultuous past. However, with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, the monastery found a new lease of life, and monastic traditions were revived.

The main church of the monastery, ravaged by time and earthquakes, was rebuilt in the mid-19th century, showcasing a blend of historical character and modern restorations. Today, a bell-tower constructed in 1699 by a Georgian named Akhverda adds an architectural highlight to the monastery, offering a glimpse of Persianate influences in its design.

From Martkopi Monastery, one can feast their eyes on mesmerizing views of Tbilisi and the picturesque landscapes of outer Kakheti, making the experience of visiting this place not just spiritual, but also visual.

The road leading to Martkopi Monastery welcomes all - be it devout pilgrims, history enthusiasts, or nature lovers. A trip to this sacred place presents a captivating fusion of history, religion, and natural beauty, beckoning travelers to a corner of Georgia where time seems to stand still.

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