Dmanisi is a small town located in the Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia. The town is situated approximately 93 kilometers (58 miles) southwest of Tbilisi, at an altitude of 1,160 meters (3,805 feet) above sea level.

Dmanisi has a rich history that dates back to the early medieval period. The town was an important center of trade and culture in the 8th-10th centuries, and many historical monuments and ruins still exist in the area. Dmanisi is also known for its archaeological site, where the remains of some of the earliest human ancestors in Eurasia were discovered in the early 1990s.

Today, visitors to Dmanisi can explore the ancient ruins of the town's medieval fortifications, as well as the remains of the 13th-century Dmanisi Sioni Cathedral. The town is also a popular destination for nature enthusiasts, as it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests, and is home to several hiking trails and scenic viewpoints.

In addition to its rich history and natural beauty, Dmanisi is also known for its delicious local cuisine, which includes traditional Georgian dishes such as khinkali (dumplings), khachapuri (cheese bread), and various meat dishes.

Overall, Dmanisi is a charming destination that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. It is the perfect place to explore the rich heritage of Georgia and immerse yourself in the authentic Georgian way of life.

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