Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral

Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral is a Georgian Orthodox Church located in the town of Bolnisi in the Kvemo Kartli region. The Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Georgia, dating back to the 5th century. It is renowned for its unique architecture, which combines early Christian and Georgian styles.

The Cathedral has undergone several renovations over the centuries, but the original design and some of the frescoes have been preserved. The interior of the church is adorned with beautiful frescoes and intricate carvings, making it a must-see destination for art enthusiasts.

Visitors can also explore the surrounding area, which is rich in history and culture. Bolnisi is famous for its mineral springs, and the nearby Dmanisi archaeological site is an important archaeological site that has yielded a wealth of artifacts from the early human era.

If you plan to visit the Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral, make sure to wear appropriate clothing and show respect for the sacred space. The Cathedral is open to visitors daily, and admission is free.

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