Tali Fortress

Cover image © Sofiko Maruqashvili

Located 300 meters (approximately 984 feet) north of Laliskuri village in the Telavi municipality of Kakheti, the Tali Fortress stands as a testament to Georgia's rich history. This 17th-century tower encompasses three floors. Ascending the internal staircase, visitors are greeted by a hall on the second floor and a terrace on the third. From this vantage point, sweeping views unfold: the bustling town of Telavi, the serpentine curves of the Stori river valley, the imposing silhouette of the Cholokashvili fortress of Laliskur, and the quaint Pshaveli village, where the Church of the Holy Mother of God stands surrounded by high walls. Historically, the Tali tower served a crucial surveillance and signaling function, working hand in hand with neighboring fortresses to maintain control and ensure the safety of the Stori river valley. A bonus for travelers, the fortress is easily accessible, situated close to the main road.

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