Kvareli Money Museum

Unveiling centuries-old narratives of wealth and power, the Kvareli Money Museum, located at 10 Rustaveli Street in the heart of Kakheti's vibrant city of Kvareli, is a treasury of numismatic tales. This intriguing establishment came into existence in 2001, building upon the heritage of the "Bank Museum" that operated between 1981 and 1989.

The museum carries the distinction of being Georgia's sole institution entirely devoted to currency, charting the history of money circulation from the 6th century to the present day. Alongside local historical coins, the museum showcases currencies from various corners of the modern world, serving as a rich tapestry of global economics. This venue offers an appealing exploration for numismatics enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Georgia's first coin, the Colchian Tetri, dating back to the 4th century BCE, takes pride of place in this collection. This ancient coin is among the world's oldest, signifying the long-established tradition of minting in Georgia. Over 26 centuries of history have shaped Georgia's currency, a chronicle that's beautifully encapsulated within the museum's exhibits.

A striking feature of the Georgian currency is its resilience. Even during periods of foreign domination, Georgian rulers upheld the practice of minting their own money, lending the coins a unique bilingual character, reflecting Georgian-Greek, Georgian-Arabic, and Georgian-Persian alliances.

The museum's collection, housing 2,987 items, provides a comprehensive view of the evolution of coinage in terms of shape, inscriptions, and depictions, all subtly shaped by the shifting political and economic landscapes of the time. With each coin, you're not just holding a piece of metal, but a slice of history.

Visitors can also purchase copies of historical Georgian coins and literature, adding to their personal collections or deepening their understanding of money's fascinating history.

Stepping into the Kvareli Money Museum, entry to which is free, is akin to stepping into a time machine, taking you on a journey from Georgia's earliest financial systems to the sophisticated economic infrastructures of today. Don't miss the opportunity to unravel the monetary tales hidden within these ancient and modern coins.

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