Black Rock Lake

Cover image © Mariam Pirashvili

"Psst! Ever heard of Black Rock Lake?" "You mean the Grdzeli...or, wait...Khelakheli?"

Oh boy! A place with so many names has got to be a gem, right? Nestled comfortably on the Georgia-Russia border and perched at a whopping 2,700 meters (or about 8,858 feet for the imperial lovers), Black Rock Lake has been mesmerizing hikers, nature enthusiasts, and lost souls looking for nature's therapy.

Picture this: You embark on a three-day escapade, starting from the oh-so-welcoming arms of the Lagodekhi National Park's Visitor Center. As you tread softly through dense beech forests and pristine terrains, the chorus of nature begins. And bam! Suddenly, you're dancing in the subalpine zone, catching a breather at the "Meteo" shelter, wondering if those are real ibex or just your imagination playing tricks.

By Day 2, you’re scaling the Kochala Ridge, with wind whispering tales of ice age bogs and hooved critters (Fancy spotting a chamois or a deer?). And as the mist wraps river valleys, the grandeur of Black Rock Lake unfurls, with the Caucasus Mountains playing peek-a-boo!

And for the cherry on top, you've got choices galore! Trot by horse, rest those legs in cozy picnic spots, or sing lullabies in tents. Pro-tip: Look out for some feathery friends! Snowcocks and eagles might just grace you with their presence.

So, whether you’re a hiking newbie or the next Bear Grylls, this trek offers views, vibes, and adventures galore. And with Tbilisi just around the corner, why not kick off or wrap up your Georgian escapade here?

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