Tsutskhvati Cave

Ever dreamt of time traveling? Strap in, adventurers! Tucked away near the village of Tsutskhvati, in the Imereti region of Georgia, awaits a thrilling descent into ancient times. Thirteen intriguing floors beckon at the Tsutskhvati Cave, locally known as "Maghara".

Perched between 260-340 meters (853-1,115 feet) above sea level, this cave isn’t your average hole in the ground. Dive into the first floor where the Shabatghele River playfully teases a narrow hole. Ascend to the second, and you might feel a shiver — remnants of an old cult building hint at stories long forgotten. Each subsequent floor, like the chapters of a gripping novel, holds mysteries ranging from mid-Paleolithic-era tools, fossils, and a toothy souvenir from a 50,000-year-old Neanderthal child. By the time you reach floors 7 through 9, you're walking through ancient Georgian fortresses with beautifully preserved stone walls and carved steps.

But wait, there’s a twist! The Bronze Age cave on the fifth floor has recorded climatic changes from the last 140,000 years. Feeling a chill? Maybe it's from knowing that both Neanderthals and Homo sapiens might've been your ancient neighbors around 80,000 years ago.

Oh, and for our bug enthusiasts, say hi to the cave's residents — from Laemostenus to Plutomurus, they're a fascinating bunch!

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