Solkota Cave

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Picture this: a verdant entrance leading into a subterranean realm of enchantment, where massive stalactites and stalagmites rise like ancient giants. This isn’t the backdrop of a fantasy novel but the awe-inspiring Solkota Cave located tantalizingly close to Kumistavi village in the Imereti region of Georgia.

Journey just 2.3 km north of Kumistavi, and you'll be at the doorway of Solkota Cave, a natural monument resting a majestic 370 meters (1,213 feet) above sea level. It is famed not just in Georgia, but within the entire speleological community. Why? Picture a stalagmite towering at a whopping 8 meters (26 feet) with an impressive circumference of 8.5 meters (28 feet) at its base! Now that's a sight you won't find easily in Europe!

But, the story of Solkota Cave doesn’t end with its geological wonders. It’s a cavern that cradles history in its embrace. Imagine walking the same grounds where creatures like the Eurasian cave bear once roamed! These now-extinct beasts were residents here some 300,000 years ago. Today, while the intimidating bears may be gone, you'll find some quirky cave-dwellers like the endangered horseshoe bats, elusive pseudoscorpions, and a myriad of other fascinating fauna.

Even the entrance of this cave holds allure. A natural green canopy of plants masks its entry, almost as if Mother Nature herself chose to veil this treasure. Journey in, and the cave slants before expanding into a grand chamber, standing nearly 30 meters (98 feet) tall.

A quick travel tip: To embrace the wonders of Solkota, make sure you obtain the necessary permissions from the Imereti Caves Protected Areas administration. Remember, there’s no tourist infrastructure here, so gear up for a raw and authentic cave experience!

So, if you're around Tskaltubo, you're a mere 7.5 km (4.6 miles) jaunt away from this wonder. And for those coming from the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, a 257 km (160 miles) journey awaits.

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