Sakazhia Cave

Perched 204 meters (669 feet) above sea level, nestled 1.5 km (0.93 miles) northeast of the quaint village of Godogani, the Sakazhia Cave is more than just another hole in the ground—it's a historical treasure trove. Imagine a place where time has carefully curated remnants of a past world, from the footprints of primitive Transcaucasian inhabitants to the whispers of long-extinct creatures.

The very sight of Sakazhia, set against the picturesque Tskaltsiteli Gorge and just across the river from the revered Motsameta monastery, will leave you spellbound. But it's what lies inside that makes it truly magical.

As you delve into this 35-meter (115 feet) long, 20-meter (65.6 feet) deep limestone marvel, don't expect the typical cave decor of dripping stalactites. Instead, Sakazhia offers dry, firm ground, making it feel like an ancient hall of records. And, indeed, records it holds!

From a diverse fauna that includes critters like the Laemostenus and Aleurodamaeus to countless artifacts that paint a vivid picture of Neanderthal life, this cave is an archaeologist's dream. Within its depths, you'll discover tools shaped with the Levallois technique, intriguing beads, sachets, and knives, along with fragments of the Cro-Magnon human skull from the Mousterian period. If that doesn't impress, consider the bones of ancient beasts—rhinoceroses, noble deer, and even cave lions.

Discovered in 1914 and named after the eminent scientist Rudolf Virchow before reclaiming its Georgian moniker, Sakazhia was the very first Paleolithic site identified in Transcaucasia. Today, the artifacts found here are showcased in esteemed institutions like the Institute of Anthropology and Ethnography in Russia and the Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia.

A visit to Sakazhia isn't just about admiring the relics, though. It's about breathing in an era that predates recorded history. However, before you pack your bags and embark on this prehistoric journey, ensure you have the green light from the Imereti Caves Protected Areas. Remember, Sakazhia is raw, untamed, and devoid of touristy frills. This is history in its purest form.

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