Kutaisi Cable Car

Ready for a ride through the skies? Kutaisi's cable car, sitting near the city's iconic White Bridge, promises a bird's-eye adventure that's sure to take your breath away. As one of the city's top tourist attractions, this cable car experience weaves together history, nature, and a little bit of adrenaline into a package that's not to be missed.

Picture this: the year is 1961, and the Kutaisi cable car, with its vibrant, eight-seater cars, starts ferrying delighted passengers over the Rioni River. Spanning more than six decades, this aerial tramway has retained its nostalgic charm, whisking you away on a 15-minute journey that transports you not just across the river, but back in time.

From one bank to another, the cable car connects the heart of the city to the tranquil expanse of Gora Park. Here, amidst a landscape dotted with restaurants, amusement rides, and entertainment areas, the serene Gabashvili Gora overlooks the park, waiting for visitors to explore its beauty.

But the real magic begins as you ascend. As your car lifts off, you'll see the city unfolding beneath you. The terracotta rooftops of Kutaisi, the whitewashed stones of the Rioni River, and the sea of greenery extending into the horizon - all create a living postcard that changes with every passing moment. During the day, watch the city buzz with life, while a nocturnal journey reveals a tapestry of twinkling lights against the dark canvas of the Georgian night.

While the Kutaisi cable car journey lasts for only about a mile (or 1.6 kilometers), the memories you'll make are immeasurable. So, buckle up, and let this vintage ride sweep you off your feet, as you soar above one of Georgia's most enchanting cities. Welcome aboard the Kutaisi cable car - where history, culture, and panoramic views come together in one thrilling ride!

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