Geguti Palace

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Welcome to the mesmerizing ruins of Geguti Palace. These towering remnants of history, located a mere seven kilometers south of Kutaisi, in the Tskaltubo municipality, stand as a monument to a time when grandeur, intrigue, and power shaped the landscape.

The palace, once the largest royal residence in Georgian history, is said to date back to the 8th century CE, initially serving as a hunting lodge with a solitary grand room warmed by a roaring fireplace. As time flowed on like the Rioni River, so did the evolution of the palace, growing into a four-tiered, 2,000 square meter (around 21,528 square feet) edifice by the 12th century.

Walk among the ruins and marvel at the surviving traces of its former magnificence, from the domed ceiling once clad in glazed tiles to the remnants of the royal stone bath and the ancient sewerage system. Let your imagination roam as you explore the central cross-shaped area, surrounding bedrooms, treasury, and kitchen – large enough, legend has it, to roast an entire deer in its fireplace!

The tale of Geguti Palace isn't one simply of grandeur but of transformation, evident in the palace’s metamorphosis throughout the 13th and 14th centuries. It welcomed new additions - another building and a courtyard church, expanding its footprint and legacy alike.

Your journey to Geguti Palace is more than a mere excursion to the past; it's a step into a world where kings and queens once ruled. It was here that Giorgi III declared Tamar as King, where it served as the residence for the Kings of Imereti post the collapse of the Kingdom of Georgia, and sadly, where it bore witness to its own slow demise in the first half of the 19th century under the Russian Empire.

In 2006, the palace was recognized for its cultural significance, receiving the status of an immovable cultural monument. Today, as you roam the tranquil ruins, the echoes of the past resonate around you, each stone a silent storyteller of the palace’s rich history.

The ruins of Geguti Palace are a testament to the resilience of history and the tales we carry forward. So, if your journey ever takes you to Kutaisi, make time for a detour to Geguti Palace. Amidst these once majestic ruins, you'll find an extraordinary connection to Georgia's captivating past. Let the echoes of the centuries guide you through an unforgettable journey in the heart of Georgia’s history.

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