Dzevri Cave

Nestled amidst the lush groves of box trees, in the rugged embrace of the Dzevrula river gorge, lies a secret waiting to be whispered. Here, in the quaint village of Dzevri in the Terjola municipality, time itself seems to pause and rewind, pulling you back a staggering 35,000 years!

Remember those bedtime stories about primitive humans? At Dzevri Cave, you can walk in their literal footsteps. A beautifully quaint forest trail, hugged by nature, guides adventurers to this prehistoric sanctuary that once housed our ancient ancestors. And if walls (or in this case, cave walls) could talk, they'd recount tales of shelter, worship, and daily life from an era lost in time.

But it's not just about human history. As you trace the narrow path, an ancient bronze statue of a mysterious female deity stands tall on a rock, casting a protective gaze over the land. And the very grounds of Dzevri have yielded remains of animals that once roamed these lands, painting a vivid picture of a world long gone.

Only fifty meters of this karst cave have been explored to date. And though the cave might be silent, it speaks volumes with its hidden treasures - from age-old tools to unique artifacts that whisper tales of the ancients.

But, dear adventurer, remember! Exploring Dzevri Cave isn't a stroll in the park. With its deep mysteries come certain challenges. It's still raw, untouched by modern touristy facades. So, gear up with the right equipment, and let a certified guide lead the way.

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