St. Bartholomew Church

In the shadows of Baku's iconic Maiden Tower lie the ruins of a once-great church, St. Bartholomew Church. Built in 1892, the church stands as a testament to the lasting impact of the Apostle Bartholomew, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, who brought Christianity to the region.

Situated near the Maiden Tower, the church was built on the site where Bartholomew was believed to have been crucified and killed by local pagans in 71 AD. Constructed through the donations of the local Christian population, the church was designed by architect Johann Edel in the style of Russian churches, and its chapel-shaped interior was adorned with icons of Bartholomew and other saints.

Built over the foundations of Baku's first and oldest church, St. Bartholomew Church thrived until 1936, when it was demolished during a Soviet campaign against religion. However, the legacy of the Apostle Bartholomew continues to live on in Baku.

Every year on June 24th, St. Bartholomew's Day, the Baku diocese holds a moleben, or prayer service, at the remains of the church to honor the apostle's memory. In 2003, Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople gifted some of St. Bartholomew's remains to Azerbaijani Christians, which are now housed in the Holy Myrrhbearers Cathedral.

The ruins of St. Bartholomew Church were registered as an archaeological monument in 2015, preserving the site's rich history and spiritual significance. Today, visitors to Baku can explore these ancient ruins and reflect on the enduring legacy of the Apostle Bartholomew and the early days of Christianity in Azerbaijan.

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