Maiden Tower

Nestled in the heart of Baku's Old City, the 12th-century Maiden Tower stands as a magnificent symbol of Azerbaijan's history and heritage. Together with the 15th-century Shirvanshahs' Palace, it forms a UNESCO World Heritage-listed group of historic monuments, representing the cultural wealth of the nation.

The Maiden Tower, housing a museum that chronicles Baku's historic evolution, is shrouded in legends and mysteries, some of which have inspired ballets and theatre plays. Developed between the 9th and 15th centuries on a strip of land revealed by the receding Caspian Sea, the tower is believed to be an exceptional example of Zoroastrian and pre-Islamic architecture in Iran and Azerbaijan.

According to Professors Davud A.Akhundov and Hassan Hassanov, the Maiden Tower dates back to the 8th-7th century B.C. and is thought to be a Zoroastrian Fire temple-tower with seven fire exits on its top, symbolizing the faith's belief in seven steps or skies to reach heaven.

The tower's foundations, which extend 15 meters below ground level, were built between the 4th and 6th centuries CE, as concluded by historian Sara Ashurbeyli. It is believed that the tower once served as an astronomical observatory and was used as a Zoroastrian temple during the Sasanid era.

The enigmatic Maiden Tower has inspired numerous legends, such as the fiery-haired virgin girl who saved Baku's people from slavery and the tale of why the tower's fires ceased burning, both rooted in Zoroastrian beliefs and culture. The origin of the name "Maiden Tower" is also intriguing, with some experts suggesting that it represents the tower's untouched, "virgin" state, having never been destroyed by any enemy or desecrated by evil forces.

Today, visitors to Baku can explore the Maiden Tower, delving into its captivating history and immersing themselves in the ancient legends that surround this awe-inspiring monument. From its rooftop, one can marvel at the panoramic view of the Old City, Baku Boulevard, the house of Isa bek Hajinski, and the vast expanse of the Baku Bay.

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