Ateshgah Fire Temple

Ateshgah Fire Temple, located in the Surakhani settlement near Baku, Azerbaijan, is an architectural gem steeped in ancient religious history. The temple, renowned for its eternal flame fueled by natural gas vents, has been a beacon of worship for Zoroastrians and Hindus for centuries.

The origins of Ateshgah Fire Temple date back to the time when Zoroastrianism was the dominant religion in the region. Zoroastrians have revered fire as a symbol of purity and divine light, and the natural flames at the site attracted worshipers from far and wide. Over time, the temple evolved as traders and pilgrims shared stories of the miraculous fire.

Built in the 17th-18th centuries on the foundations of an earlier temple, Ateshgah Fire Temple has a unique pentagonal structure with a central altar housing the eternal fire. The complex also includes traditional guest rooms, cells for pilgrims, and a pit for the sacred burning of the dead.

Though the temple's natural gas supply ceased in the mid-19th century, prompting the departure of its worshipers, Ateshgah Fire Temple remains a remarkable testament to the intertwined religious history of Zoroastrians and Hindus in Azerbaijan. Today, visitors to the temple can witness the wonder of its artificial eternal flame and immerse themselves in the ancient traditions that once thrived in this sacred space.

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