Megerian Carpet Factory

The Megerian Carpet Factory in Yerevan is a testament to the rich Armenian tradition of carpet weaving, a craft practiced in the region for thousands of years. The Megerian family has been involved in restoring and producing carpets for over four generations, preserving this crucial aspect of Armenian culture.

After immigrating to the United States in the early 20th century, the Megerian family established their business in New York City in 1917. Initially focusing on Armenian rugs, they expanded their offerings to include various collections such as Tabriz, Sultanabad, Mamluk, Oushak, Bijou, and others. With their main shop on 5th Avenue in New York, they also have locations in Brooklyn, Zurich, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Germany.

The Megerian Carpet Factory in Yerevan is a unique establishment, providing jobs to thousands of workers at its 22 facilities in Armenia. The family has successfully introduced natural dyeing methods to Armenia, using flowers, roots, and plants from the Armenian highlands to create vibrant colors.

Located at 9 Madoyan Street, the factory offers guided tours for visitors to witness the rug-making process, explore the museum, and even purchase their own Megerian rug. The Megerian Carpet Restaurant, serving delicious Armenian dishes, adds to the authentic experience.

Visitors can observe the weaving process, from the creation of the rug's base to the intricate weaving of Armenian double knots. The factory museum, opened in 2014, showcases carpets dating back to the 17th century and features unique stories behind each rug. Notable visitors to the factory include Conan O'Brien and Kim Kardashian West.

Megerian Carpet Factory stands as a proud symbol of Armenian cultural expression, combining traditional techniques with modern influences to preserve the ancient art of carpet weaving.

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