Temple Of Garni

The Temple of Garni, located in Armenia, is a must-see historical site that offers a deep and rich history. As the country's only surviving pagan temple, built in 76 AD, Garni attracts visitors with its stunning Hellenistic architecture and surrounding gorge. In addition to the temple, the complex includes the ruins of a two-story royal palace and a Roman-style bath constructed in the late 3rd century.

The temple, built in honor of the sun goddess Mithra, exhibits a design influenced by Hellenistic styles and bears similarities to the ancient Armenian temple Musasir, dedicated to God Haldi from the 9th century BC. Garni Temple's façade is adorned with 24 columns, said to represent the 24 hours of the day, and a triangular roof with lion heads on the edges. The intricate carvings and ornaments crafted from hard basalt stone showcase the sophistication of ancient Armenian culture and architecture.

Throughout the years, Garni Temple has faced destruction from earthquakes, most notably in 1679. After careful collection and study of the temple's remains, it was reconstructed over 11 years using the same techniques and attention to detail, preserving its original appearance.

The temple complex is protected by a deep gorge on three sides, offering a picturesque view of the Azat River and the diamond-shaped rock formations known as the Symphony of Stones. The gorge leads to Khosrov National Preserve, where visitors can explore various geological wonders, including granite, basalt, slag, and andesite.

After Armenia adopted Christianity, the Garni temple and palace were used as a summer residence for royal families. Today, the Temple of Garni stands as a remarkable historical and architectural monument of the Hellenistic and early Christian era, attracting visitors from around the world. In 2011, the complex was awarded the prestigious UNESCO-Greece Melina Mercouri International Prize.

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