Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat, a dormant volcano and the highest point in Turkey, is located in the eastern part of the country near the borders of Iran and Armenia. Consisting of two peaks, Big Ararat 5,137 meters (16,854 feet) and Small Ararat 3,927 meters (12,877 feet), this awe-inspiring mountain is shrouded in myths, legends, and historical significance.

The name Ararat is believed to have originated from biblical, Assyrian, and Babylonian texts. In the Bible, Mount Ararat was first referenced in the 7th century as the place where Noah's Ark came to rest after the Flood.

Mount Ararat has always been one of the main symbols of Armenia, for historically it was located on the territory of the Armenian Highlands. In 1923, a peace treaty drafted between Turkey and the Soviet Union allotted this land to Turkey. The Republic of Armenia, which was created after the collapse of the USSR in 1991, has not yet recognized this agreement. It regards Mount Ararat as historically and legally a part of its territory, and even Armenia’s coat of arms bears a depiction of the beloved mountain. In Armenia, Mount Ararat is still considered a sacred place by many people.

Legends of Mount Ararat have held a mysterious sway on the Armenian people since ancient times. The mountain has long been honored, worshiped, and believed to house the souls of brave individuals who protected it from invading armies. Due to the religious significance of Mount Ararat, for centuries Armenians were convinced that it was sacred and that mere mortals could not climb to its peak.

Mount Ararat continues to be a source of inspiration for many, including the Armenian people. Its snowy slopes offer wonderful views of Turkey, Iran, and Armenia, while its fame and history continue to attract interest from around the world.

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