Shuamta Lakes

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The Shuamta Lakes, situated in the scenic Upper Ajara region of Georgia, draw both local and international tourists annually, particularly to the popular Beshumi resort. However, many remain unaware that a mere hour’s hike or a thirty-minute drive through Shuamta’s summer pastures can lead them directly to these natural wonders. The location’s elevated viewpoint offers stunning vistas, including the renowned Khikhani Castle, enhancing the appeal of this destination.

Additionally, the area gained cinematic fame when Zaza Khalvashi chose this very terrain as the backdrop for his film "Name," subsequently earning Georgia a spot at the prestigious Oscars. Of the five lakes found within these summer pastures, three boast a medium size while the remaining two are notably smaller. This variety in size, coupled with the authenticity of the surrounding environment, captures the attention of hikers, photographers, and jeep tour enthusiasts alike. A visit often includes the ethereal experience of witnessing cloud formations descend upon the lakes, creating a mystique and beauty that is nothing short of captivating.

For those planning a visit, the ideal time to experience the Shuamta Lakes in all their glory is between June and September. The five lakes are perched at an altitude of 2,150 meters (7,054 feet) above sea level in the Khulo municipality, enveloped by lush greenery. In addition to their visual appeal, the route leading to the lakes presents its own allure. Starting near Chirukhi Mountain and spanning 92 kilometers (57 miles) from Batumi, the Chirukhi - Shuamta route traverses mountainous fields in the alpine zone, concluding at the Shuamta lakes. This journey offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture, with opportunities to stay overnight in rustic wooden houses and savor traditional Georgian dishes.

Upon reaching the Shuamta Lakes, visitors find themselves surrounded by expansive fields and hills, making it an idyllic spot for hiking and leisure. The medieval Khikhani fortress, perched atop a steep rock near Shuamta, stands as a silent witness to a bygone era filled with nobility, battles, and secrets, including a hidden tunnel. Local legend adds a layer of mystique, suggesting that muses inhabit the Shuamta lakes, their presence particularly palpable when fog envelops the area. Whether or not one believes in these mythical beings, spending time at these lakes is undoubtedly an inspiring and rejuvenating experience, a testament to the transformative power of nature’s beauty.

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