Chirukhi Mountain

Cover image © Giorgi Nikolava

Situated in the mountainous Ajara Region, Shuakhevi municipality, Chirukhi Mountain stands at 2050 meters (6,726 feet) above sea level. It offers views of Shratiani Lake, Sarichairi fields, Karagol Lake, Tetrobe fields, Khikhani fortress, and the Alpine botanical garden.

Access to Chirukhi is via a dirt road, manageable on foot. Free transport is available on certain days from Shubani village to Batumi bus station. The journey involves crossing Mareti Gorge to Oladauri and then ascending to the Church of the Transfiguration on the mountainside.

The area features dark wooden houses blending with the environment. Winter offers snowscapes and smoke from houses, while summer and spring bring greenery, and autumn brings golden leaves. The alpine village is populated from early spring to late fall, with local sounds and smells filling the air. Evenings see the community gathering around bonfires.

Local dishes to try include kaimaghi, braided cheese, matsoni, borano, and sinori. Chirukhi provides a tranquil escape from city life.

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