National Parks

Georgia's national parks are a mosaic of breathtaking landscapes and rich biodiversity, offering a sanctuary for wildlife and nature enthusiasts alike. Experience the untouched beauty of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, one of the largest in Europe, with its diverse terrain offering hiking, biking, and horse-riding trails. Discover the rugged wilderness of Tusheti National Park, a remote and culturally rich area with deep valleys and traditional stone villages. Vashlovani National Park offers a semi-arid experience, unique for its deep canyons, desert-like landscapes, and rare wildlife species. Algeti National Park, located near Tbilisi, provides an accessible retreat with its lush forests and mountainous scenery. Our comprehensive guides detail the flora, fauna, and geology of these parks, along with practical information for visitors. Whether seeking adventure, tranquility, or a chance to connect with nature, Georgia's national parks offer an array of experiences for every traveler.

Articles About National Parks

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