Ertso Fortress

The land of Georgia is dotted with numerous fortresses, silent reminders of the country's turbulent history. Among these, the Ertso Fortress, also known as Kor-Shevardeni Fortress-Tower, stands out as a proud testament to Georgia's enduring spirit.

Ertso Fortress is perched on a hill near Meliaskhevi Village in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region. Its elevated position serves as a strategic vantage point, enabling it to vigilantly watch over the surrounding terrain, much like an unyielding sentinel.

The fortress is a three-story tower, complete with windows on each level, culminating in elegant semi-circular battlements. An inscription on basalt rock over the entrance to the fortress eloquently states that it was erected to commemorate Georgia's past and to safeguard its promising future.

Despite the passage of time, the fortress-tower remains in impressive condition, thanks in part to restoration efforts carried out in 1983. A stone's throw away from the fortress lie the remnants of an ancient church, further enhancing the historical significance of this location.

Complementing the historical allure of Ertso Fortress is the breathtaking beauty of the Ertso-Tianeti area. The surrounding wilderness near Meliaskhevi Village offers a serene escape from the bustling city life, making the fortress a popular getaway destination, particularly due to its convenient proximity to Tbilisi.

Alongside the fortress, visitors can also explore the Gorshevardeni Church in the village, adding another layer of cultural experience to their journey. Ertso Fortress embodies the resilience of Georgia, standing as an enduring symbol of the nation's past struggles and its hopeful future.

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