Mukhrani Valley Balloon Ride

Discover Mukhrani Valley With Private Balloon Rides From Tbilisi
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  • Exclusive hot air balloon rides
  • Personalized guide service
  • Stunning views of the Caucasus
  • Traditional champagne ceremony post-flight
  • Eco-friendly and safe travel experience

Rise effortlessly into the skies over Mukhrani Valley with our exclusive hot air balloon tours. Each flight offers a unique blend of thrill and tranquility, carried on the breeze that sweeps through the Caucasus. Led by expert guides, this journey isn't just about sightseeing — it's a transformative experience where the spirit of adventure meets the serenity of nature. Come, let us show you Georgia from a perspective reserved for the birds.



Your adventure begins with an early morning pickup at your Tbilisi hotel, setting out for the nearby Mukhrani Valley. Famed for its 260 sunny days a year and a multitude of perfect landing spots, the valley is the premier location for balloon flights in Georgia. As your balloon rises, the stillness of the ascent allows you to watch the world transform below—orchards and vineyards become a patchwork of lush greens and earthy browns.

Reaching altitudes of 50 meters and more, the balloon allows for easy conversation with people on the ground at lower heights, and as you climb higher, stunning views over the valley and snow-covered summits of the Great Caucasus unfold. The flight typically lasts about 40 minutes, with the total experience spanning approximately 2-3 hours, including preparation, briefing, and the post-flight ceremony where you'll receive your aeronaut initiation with diplomas and commemorative badges.

Flight details:

Duration: 2-3 hours for the entire experience, with around 40 minutes in the air.
Distance: Travel between 4 and 20 km, depending on wind conditions.
Altitude: Up to 50 meters and above, allowing for sweeping vistas and direct interaction with observers below.

If adverse weather conditions arise, we ensure flexibility with bookings and provide refunds where necessary. Safety is paramount, thus pregnant women are advised against flying due to the risk of bumpy landings. Rest assured, all our pilots are GCAA licensed, undergo regular checks, and operate registered balloons, maintaining the highest standards of air safety.

Our service is backed by a fully licensed airline registered with the Georgian civil aviation authorities, ensuring a safe and memorable journey above the picturesque landscapes of Georgia.


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Our tour program's list of attractions is a guide, not exhaustive. Unlisted sites may be visited, and listed ones might be viewed from a distance. Conditions like operating hours, weather, or local rules may affect access. Thank you for your understanding.


  This experience has open departure and can be organized based on your preferred dates. Remember, prices vary based on the exact group size.

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