Rtveli Grape Harvest

Experience The Joy Of Harvest In The Heart Of Georgian Wine Country
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September — October
7 days
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  • Dive into hands-on wine harvest with traditional grape picking and foot stomping
  • Experience a micro-producing home winery and taste exquisite artisan wines
  • Master the art of making Georgia's beloved Khinkali in a local cooking class
  • Witness the ancient craft of qvevri making at a local workshop
  • Savor the richness of Georgian grapes at a high-class wine estate tasting
  • Relish artisan honey in the midst of Gombori mountain pass's scenic beauty
  • Immerse yourself in the history and vibrancy of Tbilisi on an exploratory city tour

Dive into a seven-day extravaganza with our Rtveli Celebration Tour, set in Georgia’s wine heartland, Kakheti. This trip is a gateway to an 8,000-year-old winemaking legacy, entwining with rich cultural heritage. It's not just a tour, it's a journey - a journey where you don't just visit, you participate, you engage, and you immerse.

Travel to the core of artisan winemaking - where age-old customs meet warm-hearted hospitality. From plucking grapes in a rustic vineyard to the high-spirited foot stomping of the harvest, you'll be at the center of this time-honored celebration.

Next, we'll whisk you away to a home winery. Crafting fewer than 15,000 bottles per year, this isn’t just a winery, it's a passion project. Rub shoulders with the winemaker. Learn. Taste. Delight in the unique qvevri wines.

But it's not all about wine. The heart of Georgian culture beats in its cuisine. Step into a local kitchen and master the art of making Khinkali, Georgia's soul-warming soup dumplings. Savor home-cooked meals, each a gastronomic adventure, expertly paired with our curated wines.

Further into our trip, a qvevri builder awaits. Witness the birth of these ancient winemaking vessels. Feel the craftsmanship, the tradition, the love that goes into each creation.

We'll then pivot to the modern at a high-class wine estate. Here, taste the dance of old and new – wines from Georgian grapes, made in both the qvevri and European styles. All this, while indulging in gourmet dishes crafted by the estate's chef.

To wrap up our tour, we head to the scenic Gombori mountain pass. Amidst nature's beauty, taste artisan honey straight from the hive. Sweet, isn't it?

So come on, join us. Our Rtveli Celebration Tour isn't just a trip, it's a voyage into Georgia's 8,000-year wine history. It's a celebration of life, heritage, and the joy of harvest. Pack your bags, your unforgettable journey awaits.



Day 1 photo: Arrival in Tbilisi

Arrival in Tbilisi

Welcome to Georgia! Our team will meet you at Tbilisi International Airport and escort you to your hotel. After a long journey, take the rest of the day to relax and settle in. Feel free to explore the local dining scene at your own pace. Overnight stay in Tbilisi.



Day 2 photo: Exploring Tbilisi

Exploring Tbilisi

Our exploration of Tbilisi begins with a visit to the historic Metekhi Church and the Vakhtang Gorgasali monument. From there, we'll stroll through the contemporary Rike Park before taking a cable car ride up to Narikala Fortress. The ascent offers panoramic views of Tbilisi's old town and the Mtkvari River.

Descending back to the city, we'll venture into Abanotubani, the historic district known for its sulfur baths. We continue our journey through Tbilisi's vibrant streets, making our way to the lively Shardeni Street, followed by a visit to the significant Sioni Cathedral and Anchiskhati Basilica. We will also visit the newly renovated wine museum, where you can learn about the history of wine.

After a lunch stop, we'll take a stroll along Rustaveli Avenue, one of the city's main thoroughfares, lined with cultural and architectural landmarks. Post this, you'll have free time to discover more of the city at your own pace. In the evening, you have the optional opportunity to attend a performance of Georgian polyphonic singing, a unique cultural experience. Overnight stay in Tbilisi.


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Day 3 photo: Travel to Kakheti

Travel to Kakheti

On the third day, we embark on our journey to the Kakheti region, the heart of Georgia's wine country. We'll visit the Bodbe Monastery, nestled amidst lush greenery. Afterwards we will visit the Master of Qvevri, we step into the world of a local qvevri builder. Witness firsthand the craftsmanship that goes into making these traditional earthenware vessels, a testament to Georgia's winemaking legacy. There we will taste his wines and have lunch in a family atmosphere.

Next we will visit the historic town of Sighnaghi. Known as the “City of Love”, Sighnaghi is renowned for its beautiful Italian-style architecture, cobblestone streets, and impressive city walls. The town also offers breathtaking views of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus mountain range. Dinner will be at Sighnaghi's finest restaurant, a vineyard known for producing wines fermented in traditional Georgian qvevri vessels. Overnight stay in Sighnaghi.


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Day 4 photo: Visit to a Family-owned Vineyard

Visit to a Family-owned Vineyard

Today, we're going to delve deeper into the beauty of the Alazany Valley. We'll begin with a visit to the extraordinary Khareba winery, renowned for its unique wine tunnel. Next, we'll venture to the majestic Gremi Church Complex. This fortress, perched atop a hill and encircled by fortified walls and towers, was once the vibrant capital of Kakheti. Here, you'll find the Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, a royal citadel, a bell tower, and a wine cellar. From there, we'll head to the heart of the Kakheti region - Telavi, where we'll enjoy lunch. Post lunch, we'll tour the enchanting Tsindandali estate, known for its verdant gardens. To conclude the day, we'll savor dinner and indulge in a premium wine tasting at the Shumi winery. Our overnight stay will be in Telavi.


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Day 5 photo: Rtveli Celebration

Rtveli Celebration

Day five of our journey will be a celebration of traditional Georgian viticulture, starting with a visit to a local family-owned vineyard. Here, you'll meet the winemaker and immerse yourself in their unique winemaking traditions and techniques. Your hands-on experience includes pre-harvest activities, such as cleaning the vineyard, checking the ripeness of the grapes, and preparing the equipment and materials for the harvest. This offers a unique insight into the painstaking work and dedication that goes into each bottle of Georgian wine.

As the day progresses, we will partake in the highlight of the tour, the Rtveli celebration. This is a day-long grape harvest where you'll experience the exhilaration of this age-old tradition. You'll be picking grapes alongside local workers, engaging in the traditional grape stomping, and witnessing the commencement of the winemaking process.

After a morning of hard work, we'll indulge in a family-style lunch at the vineyard, serving you a taste of authentic Georgian hospitality. In the evening, relax and immerse yourself in the local culture with a performance of folk music and dance.

The day culminates in a grand feast accompanied by more traditional music, dance, food, and of course, plenty of wine, celebrating the joy of the harvest. We'll cap off this memorable day with an overnight stay in the heart of the Kakheti region, Telavi.


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Day 6 photo: Wine & Honey Tasting, Alaverdi Monastery Tour

Wine & Honey Tasting, Alaverdi Monastery Tour

Our day continues in Kakheti, the heartland of Georgian winemaking. Here, the essence of the region comes alive in the curated tastings at several distinguished wineries, each sip telling a story of the land, the grapes, and the hands that make it.

Venturing on, we find ourselves at the Alaverdi Monastery, an ancient beacon of wine-producing heritage that effortlessly melds spirituality and history. As our journey winds back towards Tbilisi, the Gombori mountain pass unfolds before us. Here, in the midst of breathtaking vistas, we'll pause to savour artisan honey, a sweet note to our day's explorations. The evening sees us back in Tbilisi, where a farewell dinner awaits in one of the city's top restaurants. A warm celebration of shared experiences, it's the perfect end to a day that has taken us from vineyard to mountain pass. Overnight stay in Tbilisi.


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Day 7 photo: Departure


On your final day, you can enjoy a leisurely morning, do some last-minute shopping in Tbilisi, or simply relax and reflect on the unforgettable experiences of the past week. When it's time, our team will escort you to Tbilisi International Airport for your departure flight. We trust that you'll be leaving with fond memories of a unique and immersive celebration of Georgian culture, tradition, and winemaking.



Our tour program's list of attractions is a guide, not exhaustive. Unlisted sites may be visited, and listed ones might be viewed from a distance. Conditions like operating hours, weather, or local rules may affect access. Thank you for your understanding.


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