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Georgia’s shoreline, a lesser-known gem, invites sun-seekers and beach lovers to explore its Black Sea Riviera. Batumi stands out with its magnetic blend of modern beach resorts and nostalgic waterfront promenades, while the untamed beauty of Kvariati seduces with its tranquil coves. Ureki is famed for its magnetic sands with therapeutic properties, a natural boon for wellness enthusiasts. From the vibrant beach life in Gonio with water sports galore to the secluded pebbled inlets near Sarpi, Georgia's coast caters to all tastes. As the sun dips, the Georgian shores transform into a tapestry of golds and pinks, setting the scene for picturesque evening strolls. Dive into our curated selection of articles, tours, and tailored travel experiences designed to unveil the best of Georgia’s sun and beach offerings. Let the coastal breeze tempt you to read on and plan a Georgian beach holiday that promises more than just a tan.

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