Truso Valley

Within the compact contours of Georgia, a country of remarkable diversity, pockets of unique beauty quietly await discovery. Among these gems, the Truso Valley's scenic splendor unfolds a vista that embodies the principle of "perplexity" in its every facet.

Situated in the extreme north-east of Georgia, Truso Valley sits a mere 22 kilometres (13.7 miles) away from the renowned town of Stepantsminda. This valley cradles remnants of over ten deserted villages, silent sentinels that echo a vibrant past. At an altitude of 2400 metres (7874 feet), these high-altitude settlements would have been among Europe's loftiest inhabited locations if they were still occupied today.

Truso Valley's geographic credentials don't end here. Lying to the north of the Greater Caucasus Mountains' watershed, it houses the source of the Tergi River that meanders its way to the Caspian Sea.

Embracing the "burstiness" of nature and culture, Truso Valley offers a broad range of sights, all accessible within a day's journey. From the architectural elegance of Zakagori Fortress-Complex and Keterisi Monastery to the natural wonders of travertine formations, Abano Mineral Lake, and Keterisi Vaucluse, every step in this valley unfolds a picturesque tableau. The valley's backdrop of craggy peaks and volcanic streams promises a photo opportunity at every turn.

The options for exploration are as diverse as the attractions—whether it's an offroad car adventure, a horseback ride, or a leisurely hike.

Covering an area of about 25 square kilometres (9.65 square miles), the valley is famed for its mineral springs, which have sculpted striking orange and red travertine across the landscape. Visitors are urged to preserve these delicate natural formations and refrain from climbing them.

A visit to Truso Valley also demands an element of preparedness. Since the Russian border is close, visitors planning to venture beyond the renowned Zakagori Fortress to the village above need to carry their ID for obtaining the necessary permit. So, let your adventure unfold responsibly in the captivating Truso Valley—Georgia's mesmerizing gateway to the past.

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