Keterisi Mineral Vaucluse

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Nestled within the protected landscape of Truso Valley, in the Kazbegi Municipality, a unique geological spectacle unfurls. The Keterisi Mineral Vaucluse, a cluster of powerful artesian aquifers, whispers tales from the Upper Jurassic Period with every drop of water it releases.

Recognized as a natural monument, the Vaucluse is a testament to the region's remarkable geological history and hydrogeological characteristics. The aquifers, also known as Narzan Vaucluse, bubble forth an astonishing 300 to 350 litres (79 to 92 gallons) of water per second. The result is an awe-inspiring daily yield of 25 to 30 million litres (6.6 to 7.9 million gallons) of hydrocarbonate-calcium water, reminiscent of a roaring, unstoppable force of nature.

The story of Keterisi doesn't end here. The Vaucluse feeds a stream that weaves its way through the nearby village of Keterisi, transforming the serene landscape with cascades of crystal clear water. A string of mills punctuates the course of the stream, adding a quaint touch to the vivid tableau of water and stone.

At an altitude of 2300 meters (7,545 feet), just 2.8 kilometres (1.7 miles) away from the Keterisi village, the dramatic landscape of Truso Valley is punctuated by another natural marvel - the Abano Mineral Lake. Like the Vaucluse, this lake owes its existence to a mineral spring, producing a colossal 2.5 million liters (660,430 gallons) per day, amplifying the sense of natural abundance that defines the area.

While the Keterisi Mineral Vaucluse covers only 0.01 km² (0.0039 sq miles), its influence extends far beyond. It serves as a compelling reminder of the power and wonder of natural forces. Just a short 32-kilometre (20-mile) journey from the popular tourist hub of Stepantsminda, this natural monument offers visitors a chance to witness a geological spectacle that effortlessly marries the power and beauty of nature.

Discover the Keterisi Mineral Vaucluse, a testament to the mighty spectacle of Mother Earth's waterworks. Take a step back in time, and feel the ancient echoes of the Jurassic period with every ripple in its waters.

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