Erketi Monastery

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Discover the enchanting Erketi Monastery in Zemo Erketi village, Guria. Dating back to the 9th century, this sacred site holds a treasure trove of relics and marvels that span the ages.

Step into a world where frescoes, ancient gospels, and archangel icons whisper stories of devotion. The monastery safeguards the relics of five revered martyrs – St. George, St. Menas, St. Barbara, St. Marina, and St. Pantaleon. Over twenty holy Fathers' relics, brought from Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, also find sanctuary here.

Nestled eight kilometers from Chokhatauri, the monastery's roots intertwine with Guria's noble past. The grand church, flanked by two outbuildings, bears simple crosses above its entrances. Within its walls, the late Middle Ages come alive through meticulously preserved frescoes.

The right wall reveals a vivid portrait of Maksime III, the compassionate leader who became the metropolitan bishop of Jumati Village in the 18th century. His legacy shines through in the care bestowed upon Erketi.

The monastery's allure extends beyond its walls. A healing spring murmurs in the churchyard, offering solace to those seeking respite. Nearby, a carved cave echoes with the prayers of monks from ages past.

Remarkably, Erketi has weathered time and turmoil, safeguarding its treasures when other sanctuaries fell victim to raids. The faithful believe divine grace has safeguarded these religious and antiquated wonders.

Visit Erketi Monastery and let its timeless embrace weave a tapestry of faith, history, and marvels around you.

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