Ubisi Monastery

Nestled amidst the enchanting landscape of Imereti, Georgia, 25 kilometers (or 15.5 miles) from the town of Kharagauli, the Ubisi Monastery stands as a beacon of Georgia's rich historical and spiritual tapestry. Dating back to the 9th century, this medieval monastic complex is a gem that should be on every explorer's list.

Founded by the revered St. Gregory of Khandzta, the spiritual architect behind Tao-Klarjeti Monastery, Ubisi Monastery exudes the serenity of Georgia's ecclesiastical history. But don't be fooled by its tranquillity, Ubisi is home to a vibrant past reflected in its diverse architectural structures.

The monastery complex includes the main attraction, St. George’s Monastery, and several intriguing structures. One of them is a four-story tower built in 1141 AD. Each floor in this ancient structure offers a unique insight into the life of the monks. The first floor was a pantry, the second housed living quarters with a fireplace and even a primitive toilet, the third was reserved for prayer and work, and the fourth served as a defense floor during troubled times.

Peeking around the complex, you'll also discover remnants of a 12th-century defensive wall and various other structures, whispering tales of Georgia's past.

Inside St. George’s Monastery, a spectacle awaits. The walls are festooned with murals by the famed 14th-century Georgian artist Damiane. His artwork, produced during the reign of King George the Brilliant, transports viewers to the twelve holy days, with notable masterpieces depicting the Last Supper and St. George.

There's an intriguing twist to Ubisi's story - honey! Monks at the monastery have maintained a sweet tradition of honey-making, further adding to the uniqueness of Ubisi Monastery.

In essence, Ubisi Monastery is a fascinating journey through time. It offers not just stunning views and architecture, but also a deeper understanding of Georgia's spiritual and cultural history, all sweetened by the taste of locally produced honey. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a spiritual seeker, or a honey aficionado, the Ubisi Monastery promises a delightful adventure for all.

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