Lomina Waterfall

Imagine this: You're standing at the edge of a vibrant emerald lake, the rhythmic lullaby of a waterfall cascading into the serene waters filling your ears. This is Lomina Lake, and it's more than just a body of water. It's a waterfall, a lake, a spectacle of nature's brilliance in Okatse Canyon, waiting to be discovered.

Tucked away in the Imereti region within Khoni municipality, Lomina Lake is an enchanting hideaway that's as captivating as it is tranquil. While it might be the waterfall creating this lake that initially draws you in, it's the raw, untamed beauty of the place that will make you want to linger a bit longer.

At Lomina, the waterfall might not boast grand heights, but it's no less extraordinary. The water cascades into the lake with a gentle grace, the droplets catching the sunlight and casting a shimmering light show across the surface. Dipping your hand into the lake, you'll find the water cold and crystal clear, so transparent that you can count the tiny pebbles on the lake bed.

Reaching Lomina is a journey in itself, a leisurely drive of 30 kilometers (approximately 19 miles) from the city of Kutaisi, that brings you to Khoni. From there, the entrance to Okatse Canyon is just a stone's throw away. Then, the journey continues on foot, following a trail that reveals the magic of the Georgian countryside. After just one kilometer (about 0.6 miles), the emerald glow of Lomina Lake emerges before your eyes, tucked amidst the greenery like a gem in a velvet cushion.

And don't forget your camera! Whether it's the panorama of the emerald lake set against the backdrop of lush foliage or the waterfall that spills into it, every corner of Lomina is a picture waiting to be taken. From the dew-kissed leaves in the morning to the sun's rays bouncing off the water at sunset, Lomina Lake and Waterfall offer an ever-changing spectacle of light and color.

So, come and experience Lomina, the natural paradise where emerald waters meet tranquil surroundings. It's a destination that beautifully combines the invigorating energy of a waterfall with the calming presence of a lake, painting a picture of peace and beauty you won't soon forget.

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