Tsvermagala Park

Set between the tranquil resorts of Shekvetili and Ureki, Tsvermagala Park is a green oasis that stretches over an expansive four hectares (or about 9.9 acres). Divided into two intriguing levels, the park offers a spectacular blend of Guria's natural splendor and thoughtfully designed attractions.

Historic Harmony: Once a swamp, Tsvermagala Park has metamorphosed into a realm where history meets recreation. The park’s evolution reflects its resilience, captivating visitors with a mix of wild beauty and manicured elegance since its opening on May 1, 2019.

Level One: The Nature Lover’s Haven: Gaze up in awe at the indigenous cypress trees soaring 30-40 meters (about 98-131 feet) high, side by side with the enchanting tulip and camphor trees. Stroll down the bamboo alley or bask in the tranquil ambiance by an artificial lake, a serene setting dotted with cedar trees, magnolias, and willows. If the beauty overwhelms you, (and it might!) cozy bungalows and wooden houses beckon for an extended stay.

Level Two: A Climb to Euphoria: Here lies the challenge: a 197-step staircase that's a stairway to heaven! Located roughly 50 meters (about 164 feet) above sea level, this level promises a visual feast. Your reward? A breathtaking panorama of the sea and a glimpse of the Caucasus’ only dendrological park. And to sweeten the experience? A lush mandarin garden!

A Symphony of Senses: Words fall short when trying to capture the essence of Tsvermagala Park. The sweet fragrance of blooming flora, the melodious chirping of birds, and the gentle rustling of leaves create an orchestra of nature's finest tunes.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a seeker of tranquility, or simply a wanderlust-filled traveler, Tsvermagala Park is a must-visit gem in the heart of Guria. Dive into the experience, and let nature’s symphony play on!

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