Astronomical Clock

The Batumi Astronomical Clock, perched in the tower of the striking National Bank Building, is an intriguing intersection of science and craftsmanship. Located at the vibrant junction of Memed Abashidze and Konstantine Gamsakhurdia Streets, this fascinating timepiece is a jewel in Batumi's architectural crown, reminiscent of the celebrated Prague Town Hall Clock. Commissioned by the Batumi City Council in 2010 and crafted in Germany, this clock cost a remarkable 1,700,000 Georgian Lari (approximately $530,000).

The Batumi Astronomical Clock offers much more than merely tracking hours and minutes. It serves as an astronomical guide, intricately detailing the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and the twelve zodiac constellations. The clock also provides comprehensive information about the meridian, horizon, sunrise and sunset timings, the current phase of the moon, and the moon's actual orbit around the Earth. All this information is seamlessly integrated into the clock's mechanism, allowing locals and visitors alike to chart celestial happenings.

For those aiming to capture the perfect photograph of the sun rising over the Black Sea, this clock is an invaluable tool. Its precise predictions of sunrise time make it an essential resource for photographers, nature enthusiasts, and early risers seeking to witness the dawn's radiant hues painting the horizon. A special desk positioned in front of the clock helps explain its functions and the rules for using it, guiding observers through the process of understanding this complex instrument.

The Batumi Astronomical Clock is an impressive testament to the blend of precise engineering and aesthetic design. As you stand before it, you experience an exquisite interplay of time, astronomy, and architecture, offering insights into the cosmos from the heart of Batumi.

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