Greek Orthodox Church In Batumi

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Standing as a beacon of faith and tradition amidst the hustle and bustle of Batumi, the Greek Church of Saint Nicholas radiates an aura of divine grace and historical grandeur. Located right across from the bustling Batumi Piazza, this cross-domed cathedral is an architectural masterpiece that dates back to 1865.

The Saint Nicholas Cathedral is a symbol of devotion and resilience, funded by the Batumi Greek community during the time of Ottoman rule. Despite the Sultan of Turkey's condition that the church bells should never ring, the Greek community accepted this stipulation and completed the cathedral in 1871. But history had other plans. In 1878, Batumi was integrated into the Russian Empire under the Treaty of San-Stefano, enabling the bells of Saint Nicholas to toll freely from a newly erected bell tower in 1895.

However, the church wasn't immune to the winds of change. In the era of Soviet Georgia, religious services were halted, but by 1946, the Orthodox congregation had successfully revived the liturgical life within the cathedral's walls. Throughout these tumultuous times, the Saint Nicholas Church remained a beacon of spiritual life and education, firmly holding its position as one of Batumi's architectural highlights.

Despite its outward simplicity, the cathedral's interior is a treasure trove of religious artistry. With its intricate Byzantine-influenced design, the church houses cherished icons of the Holy Mother of God, Saint Nicholas, and Saint George, graciously donated by the Greeks of Chios Island in the early 20th century. After years of silence, the church's interior resonated once again with divine liturgy in 1948, thanks to the relentless efforts of local women Tamar Nakashidze and Elizaveta Kotidi.

In the late 1990s, the church underwent extensive restorations both inside and outside, revitalizing its historical glory and enriching its spiritual atmosphere. Today, the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church stands proudly under the auspices of the Georgian Orthodox Church, serving as a compelling testament to Batumi's rich religious heritage.

As you step into the peaceful enclave of the Saint Nicholas Church, you not only immerse yourself in profound spirituality but also journey back in time, exploring an integral piece of Batumi's cultural and historical tapestry.

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