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Deep within the embrace of Guria region lies the municipality of Ozurgeti, a city boasting a historical tapestry that dates back to the Bronze Age. It's not just any ordinary spot on the map! This is where archaeologists discovered ancient workshops like Vakijvari and settlements like Shemokmedi. Flipping the pages of history, the 16th century found Ozurgeti as a cultural and economic powerhouse. It wore its prosperity like a badge, evident from the stunning temples, fortresses, and the shimmering Ozurgeti treasures, a collection of 270 silver coins! Italian missionaries left their impressions of the region during their 17th-century missions, adding to Ozurgeti's allure.

Once named after the revolutionary Filipp Makharadze, Ozurgeti underwent various changes. However, in 2006, it proudly adopted the title of a municipality. Today, the city isn't just about the past. With theaters, museums, and cultural centers, it's a bustling hive of activity. Furthermore, its agriculture, led by citriculture, nuts, corn, and tea-growing, not only feeds its inhabitants but fuels its thriving food industry.

Nestled between the rivers Natanebi and Supsa, Ozurgeti's heart beats within its forests, flora, and fauna. The city, at a height of 200 metres (656 feet) above sea level, is cushioned by the Bzhuzhi and Natanebi rivers. Its terrain is marked by breathtaking valleys, majestic Sakornia Mountain standing tall at 2756 meters (9042 feet), and minerals that paint a colorful geological canvas.

For nature enthusiasts, places like Gomismta with its sea of clouds, and the serene Chinchao Lake offer the perfect escape. Meanwhile, for history buffs, the cultural jewels such as the Shemokmedi Monastery, Archangel Church of Likhauri, and the fortress town of Shukhuti beckon.

Ozurgeti has bloomed into a modern city while honoring its historical roots. The city's terraced structure showcases its unique urban planning – from bustling markets at the base, followed by public spaces, to tranquil residential areas at the top. While the market district hums with activity, the uppermost terraces house most of the city's residents.

With a population recently estimated at 14,372, the city is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, where 94.5% are ethnic Georgians. It’s also a hub of learning and culture. Whether it's the children's theater, the modern art gallery, or the educational institutions, Ozurgeti is shaping the minds of its future generations.

Ozurgeti is where ancient charm meets modern sophistication. Whether you're walking through its lush valleys, exploring Bronze Age remnants, or sipping tea in its modern cafes, Ozurgeti promises a journey like no other.

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