New Wine Festival

Discovering The Diversity And Tradition Of Georgia’S Wine Heritage

The New Wine Festival, a hallmark of Georgian cultural and vinicultural heritage, is an annual event that has significantly grown in stature and popularity since its inception in 2010. Scheduled for May, the festival is held in the picturesque Mtatsminda Park in Tbilisi, Georgia. This free event offers a unique opportunity for wine enthusiasts, both local and international, to explore and savor a diverse array of new wines from the last harvest.

Mtatsminda Park Mtatsminda Park

Festival Overview

The Essence Of The New Wine Festival

The New Wine Festival's primary goal is to celebrate and promote traditional Georgian Qvevri wine. It aims to introduce new wine varieties and regions, raise the bar of wine education in the country, and cultivate a sophisticated consumer culture. The festival is an ideal platform for emerging family wineries and established wine companies to present their latest vintage wines, offering a rare glimpse into the rich tapestry of Georgian winemaking.

A Gathering Of Wine Aficionados

The festival is not just a gathering for producers; it's a much-awaited event for domestic and international wine connoisseurs, writers, bar restaurants, and enthusiasts. Renowned wine masters, sommeliers, importers, and wine writers from around the globe eagerly anticipate this event to sample the finest Georgian wines.

Experiencing The Festival

At the New Wine Festival, guests can directly engage with wine producers, enhancing their understanding of the wines they taste. The event will feature a vibrant atmosphere filled with delightful music and an engaging program, including a raffle for ten boxes of the best wine and many other surprises.

Key Highlights Of The Festival

The Qvevri Opening Ceremony

A highlight of the festival is the traditional Qvevri opening ceremony. The Qvevri, a large earthenware vessel used for fermenting, storing, and aging traditional Georgian wine, symbolizes the deep-rooted wine culture of the region. The ceremony involves opening a Qvevri containing specially selected wine from a family cellar, a moment that epitomizes the essence of Georgian wine making traditions.

Diversity Of Wines And Participants

The festival is set to showcase an extensive range of wines from large companies, medium and small wineries, and family-owned operations across Georgia. This broad representation ensures a rich and varied tasting experience for all attendees, from seasoned aficionados to curious newcomers.

Significance Of The Festival

The New Wine Festival stands as a testament to Georgia's deep historical ties with winemaking, showcasing the country's rich cultural heritage and its ongoing evolution in the wine industry. It's not just a festival; it's a celebration of tradition, innovation, and the communal spirit of wine appreciation.

In conclusion, the New Wine Festival is a must-visit event for anyone interested in the vibrant world of wine, offering an immersive experience into the heart of Georgian winemaking traditions and innovations​​​​.

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