Babaneuri Nature Reserve

Cover image © Giorgi Kirkitadze

Ahoy, nature aficionados! Fancy a journey through time? Buckle up, and let’s trek through Georgia’s age-old wonders at Babaneuri Nature Reserve! Located snugly in Akhmeta municipality of the picturesque Kakheti Region, this sanctuary is a whisper from the foot of the awe-inspiring Greater Caucasus Mountains.

Spanning across an enchanting 862 hectares (that’s over 2,130 acres for our imperial pals), Babaneuri sits at elevations between 380-1100 meters (1,247-3,609 feet) above sea level. However, be sure to pack a scholar’s cap because entrance is exclusive to those with an educational or scientific agenda - no touchy!

Established in the swinging ‘60s (1960 to be precise), Babaneuri has one primary mission - to protect the elusive Zelkova carpinifolia tree. Imagine a tree soaring up to 20-30 meters (65-98 feet) tall, boasting a robust girth of 90 cm (35 inches) – now that’s a tree with some history! But wait, there’s more: this sanctuary is a veritable plant paradise, home to over 220 species of plants from 60 families. Many of these green buddies have the 'VIP' status, finding a spot in Georgia's 'Red Book' of endangered species.

And if you're yearning for some furry encounters, while large beasts like the mammoths prefer wider pastures, you might get lucky and spot a roe deer, bear, or the ever-elusive wolf. But, sightings of the charming Caucasian squirrel, otter, wild cat, marten, hare, or fox? That’s just an everyday gala here!

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