100-Step Staircase

Calling all step counters and story lovers! In the heart of Kutaisi, there lies a stairway that's much more than just stone and steps. It's the 100-Step Staircase - and oh, the tales it could tell if it could talk!

Originating from the vintage vibes of the old Station Square and meandering its way to the charming Balakhvani district, these steps have been a backdrop to countless rendezvous since the 1950s. Crafted by the genius architect Shota Lomtadze between 1951-1952, this staircase isn't just functional; it’s a spectacle! With an impressive width of eight meters (that’s over 26 feet for our imperial enthusiasts) and bisected by lush greenery, it’s a stunner. Don't miss those stone lamps perched atop the stone railing, illuminating whispered secrets and shared laughter.

Recently spruced up between 2021 and 2022, this ancient pathway is still the place where friendships blossom, strangers strike up intriguing conversations, and perhaps, if the stars align - where love stories begin.

So, next time you’re in Kutaisi, add an extra hundred steps to your pedometer and step into a world of stories, old and new.

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