White Bridge

Situated in the heart of Kutaisi's old town, the White Bridge stretches gracefully over the shimmering waters of the Rioni river. Its elegant frame and snowy white railings make it a sight to behold. But the bridge isn’t merely an engineering marvel; it’s a canvas of history, dating back to its inception in the 1850s by the military engineer Vite. And though disaster struck in 1860, rendering it in ruins, by 1870, the bridge was reborn, with its metal elements painted a brilliant white, earning it the moniker "White Bridge."

Matching its splendor, the river below is adorned with white stones that glisten in the sunlight. Over time, this bridge became a rendezvous point for starry-eyed lovers. Young men would demonstrate their love by leaping fearlessly from the bridge into the waters below – a true test of courage and commitment!

An enchanting tale is told of Kote Marjanishvili, a renowned director, who witnessed a daring boy leap from this very bridge. This spirited boy was none other than the future acting sensation, Giorgi Shavgulidze. Their chance encounter is legendary, and a testament to the magic that surrounds this architectural gem.

Among the many crossings in Kutaisi, White Bridge stands out not just for its design, but for the lore it carries. And if you're visiting, don't forget to capture a picture with the iconic “Picasso Boy”. Because in Kutaisi, a snapshot on the White Bridge is more than just a photo — it's a piece of the city's heart.

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