Dodo Church

Cover image © Ali Bagherzadeh Moghadam

Hidden away within the sweeping expanse of the David Gareja monastic complex, there stands an edifice that holds centuries of secrets—the Dodo Church or as locals fondly dub it, "Dodo's Rka" (Dodo's Horn). Now, who's this Dodo, you ask? Well, sit tight and let's journey through time!

Dodo was a devout student of David Gareja, inspired by the latter’s passion for promoting Christianity in Georgia. He wasn't just any student; he was driven, so much so that he founded the Dodo Church in the dynamic 6th century. But much like any historic gem, this church bore witness to the ravages of time, facing multiple attacks over the years. Mongols, Teymurilars, Seljuks, and Safavids—many tried to erase its essence, leaving it deserted and in ruins repeatedly. Yet, like a phoenix, the church always managed to rise again.

Now, when it comes to architecture, imagine a rich tapestry of caves stretching from the 6th to the 18th centuries. As you wander through, the main hall, which hails from the golden age of the 11th-13th centuries, unfurls before you. The walls are adorned with intricate frescoes that are both mesmerizing and historically significant. Picture Jesus, exuding serenity, holding a book inscribed with the Georgian alphabet. Surrounding him, archangels like Michael and Gabriel, and cherubs gaze down.

To further attest to its grandeur, during the 11th and 13th centuries—a renaissance period for Georgia—the church evolved to become a royal monastery. And guess what? They even had a fresco painting and architecture school! Over on the eastern side, a chapel unfolds with a myriad of saints, stories, and the revered Mother of God.

So, if you're itching for a journey that'll captivate your senses and provide a profound understanding of Georgian history, Dodo's Rka awaits!

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