Areni Cave

Nestled along the Arpa River in southern Armenia, the Areni-1 cave complex holds remarkable secrets of the late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age. Once considered simple caves, excavations since 2007 have unveiled their true significance as a ritual site and settlement, with astounding discoveries awaiting inside.

Areni Cave, now recognized as the world's oldest winery, has revealed traces of seeds, stems, and compounds from over 6,000 years ago. Located near the renowned Areni Wine Factory, the cave showcases a historical connection to the region's longstanding wine-making traditions.

Remarkable findings within the cave extend beyond the winery. In 2008, the oldest known leather shoe was discovered, dating back to 3,500 BCE. The cave has also yielded the world's oldest straw skirt from 3,900 BCE and the oldest preserved human brain from 4,000 BCE. Excavations have unveiled ceramics, straw baskets, ritual items, and skeletons, suggesting a complex history of the site.

With only 5% of Areni Cave explored to date, the potential for further discoveries is immense. As excavations continue, visitors can experience this fascinating destination and uncover the ancient heritage of Armenia. Located behind the Edem restaurant, visitors can ask local vendors to access the cave entrance and embark on a journey through time.

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