Georgian Wine Quality Standards

Navigating The Rigorous Path To Global Wine Market Success

Georgian wine, a rising star in the global wine market, has demonstrated remarkable quality control standards. The Georgian National Wine Agency's recent report highlights the success in meeting international standards, ensuring Georgian wines' competitiveness on the global stage. With increased exports and enhanced laboratory capabilities, Georgia maintains its reputation for quality, addressing challenges in the rapidly expanding wine sector. This article delves into the specifics of these control measures and their impact on the Georgian wine industry.

Ensuring Quality: The National Wine Agency's Role

The National Wine Agency of Georgia plays a pivotal role in upholding the quality of Georgian wines. Over six months in 2019, the agency conducted 72 inspections in alcoholic beverage factories, scrutinizing 400 samples. Impressively, only 15 cases resulted in refused certification, underscoring the high compliance rate with quality standards. In addition, the agency inspected 28 companies, tasting 1,000 samples, and identified violations in seven companies. These rigorous measures are testament to Georgia's commitment to maintaining high-quality wine production.

International Scrutiny And Response

The international community, particularly Russia, has taken note of Georgian wine's rising prominence. In response to Russia's "strengthening of inspections" and past embargoes, the Georgian National Wine Agency confidently stated that the quality of Georgian wine production is beyond reproach. This confidence is backed by statistics: a 6% increase in exports in the first half of 2019, amounting to 40.5 million bottles to 44 countries, and a 9% increase in revenue, reaching over $98 million.

Advanced Quality Control Measures

From June 2021, Georgia elevated its quality control standards by engaging international audit companies "SGS" and "Bureau Veritas" for inspecting certified export wines. This collaboration led to 166 inspections and stringent testing of 324 samples, with only 20 cases of certification revocation. Additionally, the National Wine Agency's state controls resulted in 700 samples tested, with only six violations. These steps ensure adherence to international production standards, bolstering the competitiveness of Georgian wine.

Enhancing Laboratory Capacity For Excellence

Otar Shamugia, Georgia's Minister responsible for this sector, emphasizes the importance of strengthening laboratory capacities for wine quality control. Significant investments have enhanced the wine laboratory's capabilities, aligning with international standards. The Irma Chanturia Wine Laboratory plays a crucial role, equipped with cutting-edge technology for grape and grape product testing. This facility's partnership with the Austrian company "Anton Paar" provides a high level of accuracy in analyzing major wine characteristics, demonstrating Georgia's dedication to maintaining superior wine quality.

Conclusion: Georgian Wine's Quality Assurance And Global Reach

Georgian wine's journey towards maintaining and enhancing quality standards is a testament to the country's commitment to excellence in its wine production. With robust quality control measures, advanced laboratory testing, and a focus on meeting international standards, Georgian wine is poised to continue its ascent in the global wine market. This commitment to quality not only secures Georgia's position as a top wine exporter but also invites wine enthusiasts and travelers alike to explore the rich viticultural heritage of this dynamic country.

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