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Explore The Thrilling Slopes And Family-Friendly Charm Of Bakuriani

Bakuriani, a prominent ski resort in Georgia, has emerged as a coveted destination for skiing enthusiasts. This article delves into the multifaceted appeal of Bakuriani, focusing on its slopes, skiing conditions, and facilities. Ideal for travelers seeking an authentic skiing experience, Bakuriani offers a unique blend of natural beauty and well-developed infrastructure.

The Allure Of Bakuriani

Situated in the Borjomi district of Georgia, Bakuriani lies on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, at an elevation of approximately 1,700 meters (5,577 feet). This prime location gifts it with a microclimate that produces reliable snowfall, making it a haven for winter sports. Bakuriani's history as a ski resort dates back to the early 20th century, evolving from a small village to a significant winter sports hub, especially after hosting various Soviet winter sport championships.

Slopes And Skiing Facilities

Bakuriani boasts an array of slopes suitable for different skill levels, from beginners to advanced skiers. The resort offers over 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) of ski runs, with altitudes ranging from 1,700 to 2,700 meters (5,577 to 8,858 feet). The Didveli, Kokhta, and Mitarbi areas are the most prominent zones, each providing unique skiing experiences.

Didveli Area:

Known for its wide range of trails, Didveli caters to all skill levels. It features a 4-kilometer (2.5 miles) main slope and is equipped with modern lift systems

Kokhta Area:

A favorite among advanced skiers, Kokhta offers challenging runs and stunning panoramic views. Its highest point reaches 2,155 meters (7,070 feet).

Mitarbi Area:

Recently developed, Mitarbi connects to the Didveli area and offers additional slopes and infrastructure, enhancing the overall skiing experience in Bakuriani.

Besides the slopes, Bakuriani is equipped with snowmaking machines, ensuring consistent snow coverage. Night skiing is available on specific trails, offering a different dimension to the skiing adventure.

Accommodation And Amenities

Bakuriani caters to a range of travelers with diverse accommodation options, including luxury hotels, cozy guesthouses, and rental apartments. Many hotels are conveniently located near the ski lifts, offering easy access to the slopes. Additionally, the resort area is dotted with restaurants and cafes, serving both local Georgian cuisine and international dishes.

Activities Beyond Skiing

While skiing is the main attraction, Bakuriani also offers other winter activities such as snowboarding, tobogganing, and cross-country skiing. For non-skiers, the resort provides options like horse-drawn sleigh rides, making it a versatile destination for all winter enthusiasts.

Travel And Tourism Integration

Easily accessible from Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, Bakuriani is a 2 to 3-hour drive or a scenic train journey away. This accessibility makes it a popular choice for both local and international tourists. Tour operators in Georgia often include Bakuriani in their winter tour packages, combining skiing with visits to cultural sites in nearby Borjomi or further afield.

Family-Friendly Environment

Bakuriani is not just a destination for avid skiers; it's also a family-friendly resort. The gentle slopes in areas like the 25-meter (82 feet) hill at Joyland are perfect for children and beginner skiers. The resort also offers skiing schools and private instructors, making it an ideal place for learning to ski. For families, there are numerous activities off the slopes as well, such as skating rinks and snowmobile rentals, ensuring entertainment for all ages.

Environmental Sustainability

Aware of the environmental impact of ski resorts, Bakuriani has taken steps towards sustainability. Efforts include controlled snowmaking to reduce water usage and ecological initiatives to protect the local flora and fauna. The resort's management is continuously working on minimizing the environmental footprint while providing a high-quality skiing experience.

Future Developments And Investment

Bakuriani is undergoing significant developments to enhance its appeal and capacity. Recent investments have focused on upgrading lift systems and expanding ski trails. Plans for future improvements include more advanced snowmaking capabilities and the expansion of accommodation facilities. These developments aim to solidify Bakuriani's status as a top skiing destination in Eastern Europe.

Accessibility And Transport

For tourists, reaching Bakuriani is straightforward. The Kutaisi International Airport, located approximately 175 kilometers (109 miles) away, is the closest international gateway. From there, travelers can opt for car rentals, shuttles, or public transport to reach the resort. Inside Bakuriani, the transportation includes taxis, buses, and often, accommodations provide shuttle services to the ski lifts.

Traveler Tips And Essentials

Visitors to Bakuriani should be prepared for cold, snowy conditions typical of mountain environments. Essential items include warm clothing, waterproof ski gear, and sun protection due to the high altitude. While the resort offers ski equipment rentals, bringing personal gear is advisable for frequent skiers.


Bakuriani stands out as a skiing destination that balances the allure of pristine slopes with the charm of Georgian hospitality. Its continuous development, family-friendly environment, and commitment to sustainability make it an appealing choice for skiers and winter tourists worldwide.

This comprehensive look at Bakuriani underscores its status as a premier skiing destination in Georgia, offering a blend of thrilling slopes, family-friendly activities, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. Whether you're an experienced skier or a first-timer, Bakuriani promises an unforgettable winter experience, enriched by the warm and welcoming spirit of Georgia.

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