Tbilisi Mall

Nestled within the Southern Caucasus region, Tbilisi Mall stands as the first and largest shopping center meeting globally recognized standards. This shopping Mecca, boasting an area spanning over 74,000 m² (796,534 sq ft), breathes life into the Georgian retail scene, amalgamating leisure, retail, and entertainment under a single, contemporary roof.

Inspired by RAKEEN's innovative and ecologically conscious vision, the mall's architecture harmoniously melds with its natural surroundings while simultaneously encapsulating Georgia's contemporary pulse. Conveniently located, Tbilisi Mall isn't just a shopping center – it's an enticing family destination that enthralls both Georgia's residents and tourists with its array of high street and globally renowned brands.

Its sprawling expanse, spread across four floors, houses up to 250 retail units, including 108 shops and 25 kiosks. With an added convenience of 2,700 parking spaces spread over four underground levels, the mall provides a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, the mall's 15,000 m² (161,459 sq ft) hypermarket and 1,000 m² (10,764 sq ft) entertainment center cater to a spectrum of consumer needs.

The mall’s rich offerings go beyond shopping, with a multi-screen cinema, a distinguished food court, and a family entertainment center populating the upper levels. The array of well-known retail brands, department stores, and banking facilities complement the mall's consumer-centric ecosystem, ensuring customers of all ages and interests discover a new lifestyle within its precincts.

The Tbilisi Mall experience is much more than just a shopping spree. Here, customers can indulge in loving, playful, chic, and adventurous days with friends and family. With regular transformations of its atrium for fashion shows and sports events, the mall evolves into the city's most attractive destination.

Be it the over 250 worldwide brand stores, enticing restaurants, expansive hypermarket, or the ever-updating fashion and food offerings – Tbilisi Mall is not just a place to visit, it's a destination to explore, experience, and enjoy. Come, immerse yourself in the new Tbilisi lifestyle at the Tbilisi Mall.

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