Tbilisi Public Service Hall

Tbilisi Public Service Hall, a remarkable feat of modern architecture, stands proudly in central Tbilisi, graced by the flowing Mtkvari River. Designed by Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, this towering structure rises 35 meters (approximately 115 feet) above the surrounding constructions, a symbol of the city's commitment to efficient public service. Operating under the Ministry of Justice, it is not just an architectural marvel but an integral part of the Georgian government, efficiently delivering state and private services under one roof.

Embracing the 'one-stop-shop' principle, the Public Service Hall's objective is to provide customers with high-quality services in a comfortable environment. The building, encompassing 28,000 square meters (approximately 301,390 square feet), has been meticulously divided into three main zones: the Self-Service Area, the Prompt Service Area, and the Prolonged Service Area. This strategic division streamlines the service delivery process, effectively minimizing queues and waiting times, enhancing customer experience.

The Self-Service Area enables customers to independently access various services such as biometric photo for passport and remote payments. The Prompt Service Area, intended for tasks not exceeding an average of 5 minutes, such as collecting prepared passports or obtaining real estate certificates. The Prolonged Service Area accommodates services that require more than 5 minutes, such as applying for ID cards, property registration, and obtaining archive statements.

This innovative approach to public service delivery makes Tbilisi Public Service Hall the only service provider in Georgia that offers a standardized service for persons with disabilities. Informational navigation banners aid in seamless movement within the building, further enhancing the user-friendly environment.

The building's design, composed of seven distinct volumes or "petals", offers a unique aesthetic appeal, creating an exterior-interior interplay that is a treat to the eyes. Viewed from both inside and outside, the building gives the impression of an overgrown mushroom forest or ancient towering trees, a testament to the architect's creativity.

In the vicinity of popular landmarks like the "Bridge of Peace" and the "Rhike Park - Music, Theatre and Exhibition Hall", the Tbilisi Public Service Hall is more than just an administrative building; it's a representation of modern architecture and a beacon of efficient public service. Whether a local seeking services or a visitor with an eye for architecture, this hall has something to offer.

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