Tbilisi Digital Space

Tbilisi Digital Space marks a groundbreaking intersection of art and technology, changing the face of Georgia's cultural landscape. Opened in 2019, it is the first digital art museum in the Caucasus, offering its visitors a unique fusion of audio-visual installations, special effects, and digitized art masterpieces.

Sprawling over 850 square meters, or around 9150 square feet, this cutting-edge museum houses four distinct spaces, each offering a unique immersive experience. Upon entering the main hall, you'll find yourself stepping into an ongoing digital exhibition titled "Age of Art". This 50-minute audio-visual show breathes life into the works of six renowned painters, including Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, and Salvador Dali. The artists' oeuvres have been animated to create moving sights that celebrate their creative genius.

Within this realm of digital artistry, the museum also hosts dedicated displays about galaxies, planets, and the world of dinosaurs, as well as an underwater world display, designed to captivate younger audiences.

The Mirror Room, another major highlight, pushes the boundaries of perception. Illuminated by thousands of color LED dots and equipped with an infinity mirror powered by artificial intelligence, it takes the viewer on a visual journey through endless reflected patterns.

A tribute to Georgia's rich history and culture, the Georgian Room serves dual purposes. It showcases a film on Ilia Chavchavadze’s Bazaleti Lake, providing an intriguing overview of Georgian history. It also features Vazha-Pshavela’s "An Old Beech," presented in an immersive Screen X format. This technology, a first for Georgia, projects the film at 270 degrees across three screens, creating a truly enveloping cinematic experience.

The Tbilisi Digital Space, nestled on the third floor of Tbilisi Mall on Aghmashenebeli Avenue, stands as a testament to Georgia's stride into the future of art and technology. By interweaving traditional art forms with advanced tech solutions, it has opened up a new realm of cultural exploration that transcends traditional museum boundaries.

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