Skhvilo Fortress

Cover image © Lasha Mtvaradze

Venture to the heights of Shida Kartli, and you'll encounter a cobblestone sentinel proudly surveying Lekhuri Valley – the Skhvilo Fortress. This fortified bastion played a pivotal role in shaping Georgia's destiny during the tumultuous 17th and 18th centuries.

Rooted in history, Skhvilo Fortress' story begins in the 10th century, a haven for Kartli nobility. Yet, it was the 17th-century clash for the Kartli throne that scarred its walls. However, it was during the 18th century that Skhvilo Fortress truly came into its own, repelling Lezgian, Ottoman, and Persian invaders, steadfast in its defense of the land.

Picture the fortress's five-story tower, its entrance standing six meters above ground – a strategic vantage point. Windows and gun ports punctuate every floor, while the fifth floor boasts a commanding balcony, offering panoramic views of the yard.

A fortress designed for protection, its lower portion features peepholes, murder holes for defense, and concealed gun ports, ensuring readiness for any onslaught.

In the southern embrace of the fortress, a small tower stands sentinel. The fortress yard unfolds with echoes of the past – churches dedicated to Saint George and Saint Nicholas, living quarters, and structures of labor.

Skhvilo Fortress wears another mantle – that of cinematic fame. It graced the screen in the acclaimed Georgian film "The Eccentrics," becoming a canvas for storytelling beyond its own history.

Skhvilo Fortress is not just stone and mortar; it's a testament to courage, a silent witness to battles fought and the resilience of a nation. Explore its corridors, feel the whispers of time, and stand where history and legend intertwine.

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