Gorijvari Church

The intriguing tale of Gorijvari Church is woven from threads of resilience and devotion. Standing defiantly between the majestic Trialeti Mountains and the tranquil Mtkvari river bank, this ancient symbol of faith has experienced the ebb and flow of time, much like the river that it overlooks.

Dedicated to Saint George, the original edifice was born in the 12th century. However, the church's history is a phoenix tale. It was burnt to the ground by invading Turks, then lovingly rebuilt, only to be shattered by a devastating earthquake in 1920. Yet, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Gorijvari Church was reconstructed once again in the 1980s. Its spirit of endurance is a testament to Georgian perseverance and faith.

Nestled in the village of Didi Gorijvari, within the Shida Kartli region's Gori municipality, St. George's Church in Gorijvari crowns the Gorijvari mountain. This 20th-century monument sits on the foundations of a medieval hall church, a silent witness to the Gori earthquake of 1920.

Built of brick, the church exudes a simple elegance. Arched doors and windows punctuate the unadorned facades, leading your eyes up towards a bell tower. Here, the second floor presents a symphony of arches on all sides, creating an imposing silhouette against the mountain backdrop.

A 7th-century fence, though quite damaged, still surrounds the church. This double fence, designed to follow the mountainous terrain, is reinforced with buttresses, a silent sentinel standing guard over the historic site.

One of the defining features of Gorijvari Church is the breathtaking panorama it offers. Standing here, you're treated to a canvas painted with the serene Mtkvari river and majestic Trialeti Mountains - a sight that is sure to leave an indelible imprint on your soul.

To experience this hidden gem of Georgia, it's just a short 4 km (or approximately 2.5 miles, if you prefer imperial units) journey from Gori. Just follow the road that leads you straight to the church, where an adventure steeped in resilience, faith, and natural beauty awaits you.

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