Symphony Of Stones

The Symphony of Stones, also known as the "Basalt Organ," is an awe-inspiring natural monument located in Garni Gorge, Armenia. Situated 23 km east of Yerevan, near the village of Garni, the gorge is home to this unique geological wonder that captivates visitors with its striking symmetry and grandeur.

The Symphony of Stones comprises immense hexagonal and pentagonal basalt columns, reaching nearly 50 meters in height. Their remarkable symmetry and gravity-defying arrangement make them appear almost man-made, resembling the pipes of an organ. The Azat River meanders through the gorge, adding the soothing sound of water to the enchanting scene.

Overlooking the gorge, the 1st-century AD Temple of Garni stands as a testament to the region's rich history. The gorge can be accessed through two main routes: one leading left down the gorge just before reaching the temple and another passing through the village on a cobblestone road. Once in the valley, visitors can choose to explore the 11th-century medieval bridge and the Symphony of Stones by turning right or venture left to follow the river, leading to the Khosrov Forest State Reserve and Havuts Tar Monastery.

Formed by volcanic rock collapses, the Symphony of Stones is a protected natural monument and a must-see attraction in Armenia. Its breathtaking beauty and captivating formations make it an ideal destination for nature lovers and photographers alike. From the monument's location, adventurers can also enter the Khosrov Forest State Reserve and explore one of Armenia's specially protected areas. Discover the enchanting Symphony of Stones and experience the splendor of Armenia's natural wonders.

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