Khulo — Tago Cableway

Suspended over the heart of the Adjarian mountains, the Khulo-Tago Cableway offers an exhilarating journey through Georgia's scenic landscapes. Just a three-hour drive from Batumi, the experience begins in the enchanting village of Khulo, taking you on a thrilling 1.919 kilometers (or approximately 1.19 miles) ride to the quaint village of Tago. With no intermediate pillars along the entire route, the Khulo-Tago Cableway is the second-longest free span cable car in Europe.

Constructed in 1985, the cableway traverses 350 meters (or around 1148 feet) above the Adjaristskali River gorge, offering panoramic views of towering mountains and cloud-kissed peaks. The beauty of this journey is that it simultaneously feeds your adrenaline rush and serenades you with the tranquil majesty of the mountains. With each moment in the cable car, you will find yourself slowly retreating into a world of serene quietude and invigoratingly fresh air.

Upon your arrival in Tago, a quaint Adjarian village, you can enjoy the rustic charm of rural life in the mountains. One of the highlights of Tago is the unique yurt-style restaurant at Glamping Tago, known for its diverse vegetarian menu. Using locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant offers an authentic taste of the region's culture and culinary heritage.

The Khulo-Tago Cableway operates daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with a one-hour break from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. The frequency of the cable car rides depends on the number of riders, ensuring a seamless experience for every visitor.

Photography enthusiasts will find ample opportunities for capturing stunning shots in Tago. Although the cable car windows may not offer the clearest view for photography, the operators can open the doors for those seeking to capture the scenic beauty. But, brace yourselves; it is not for the faint-hearted!

Your Khulo-Tago Cableway journey is more than just a ride. It's a ticket to one of the most scenic corners of the world, an adventure through time and space, and a taste of the simple joys of life in the Adjarian mountains.

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